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DLT1280L DLT1 autoloader tape changing configuration


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Hi - This is important information, I think, for Dantz to incorporate in Users Manuals.


For nearly 3 months I've been trying succeed in tape changing on the 1280L DLT1 autoloader. Finally I got the the root cause this morning: The Backup Set Properties\Password had to be set to "Save for Scripted Access"


This is all that was ever preventing tapes to be loaded.


There are no error messages what-so-ever, that the media password failed. In fact the the Activity Monitor\Backup Sets indicates the current scheduuled script "failed" "waiting for media" "cannot access catalog file", while the past, inactive script says "Read" "Waiting for Media" even though it's media is still in the drive.


Then I checked the manual pp 44-46 dealing with Password protecting media, of couse there is not the slightest mention of failure to "save password for scripted" access on proactive backups.


All the news groups help requests, all the phone calls, all the manual reading, searching knowlege base did not produce any reference to this problem. I was days within making a decision to scrap Dantz, after over 10 years of believing in this product at 4 companies.


I have to say you manual is tedious, and needs more content. Most of all you need a real search engine knowledge bank on the internet.


On Nov 10, I reported the problem was fixed by replaceing the configuration file, actually the test was only with Immediate Backup, and I saw the tape request passed. However, it failed to move the tape on proactive backups, until I realized the impact of "save password for scripted access"


Thank You


Henry Christle


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