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USB 2.0 Harddrives


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Hello...I am currently using an older Onstream DI-30 as my backup device but as you are probably aware that the company is insolvant...and that makes it near impossible to get support or media for this device. I no longer have a cleaning tape...so the life of this device is short. My question is.....I am thinking of going to external harddrives as my backup devices. I currently have about 13 gig of data that I am backing up and I was thinking that since I have a couple of 30 gig maxtors collecting dust that I would buy external drive kits and convert these drives to backup duty. Will I have problems with Dantz in this respect....ie will I be able to use these devices without any trouble...or am I wading into gator infested waters. The cost of this strategy is less than half the cost of a new travan system with tapes.....any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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