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Autoloader autoclean


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I've got a cleaning tape in slot 10 of my 10-tape autoloader. I noticed today that Retrospect seemed to be repeatedly cleaning the SDLT tape device in the loader.


There were successive log entries saying the tape drive was being cleaned. In looking through the log, I see that the drive gets a cleaning session every 4 days or so, and that there are usually at least two to four successive log entries about cleaning.


I'm wondering if Retrospect is doing multiple cleanings each time it does a session. I would think one would be enough and I'm concerned that the drive head is getting cleaned too much.


I remember seeing a preference for setting how often Retrospect asks for a cleaning tape in past versions but I don't see it in 6.5's prefs. How is Retrospect deciding to do a cleaning session, and does the behavior above seem correct?





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I've found the auto-cleaning interval setting. It's set to 20 hours by default. My autoloader has got a Quantum SuperDLT1 drive in it. The drive supposedly has no fixed interval necessary for cleaning the drive. It's supposed to be done when the LED light goes on.


I set the interval to 100 hours. I would think 20 hours is way too much and a waste of a 20-use cleaning tape.


I'm thinking I'll check once a week when the tape sets are rotated and clean manually then. Can Retrospect do cleanings only when the tape drive thinks it is due?





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