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Matched Files Count never reaches Total Files Count


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I see this on a reqular basis (when viewing snapshots) and although my suspicion is that this is NOT a problem I can't help but wonder why this happens.


Is it because there were files backed up in one session and then found to be deleted in a later session?



What do the Three passes represent when viewing a snapshot?

I'm thinking something like:

Pass 1 - Client files in backup set

Pass 2 - Matched Folders elswhere in backup set

Pass 3 - Matched Files elswhere in backup set


prolly way off...


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I don't quite follow your question about the file count but I can give some info on the passes.


Retrospect does a number of matching operations:

Files on the volume vs files from that volume in the set

Files on the volume vs files from other volumes in the set

changed files vs...and so on.


Can't say for sure which matching pass corrensponds to which operation. The short answer is it takes 3 passes to compare all of the data in the set to the data on the volume.



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Hi Nate,


When you go into a backup set and select a snapshot to browse a 'matching' dialog box comes up and start to make 3 passes to select all the files to view.


There is a static number on the right side of the box (let's say "total files") and then a number that increments on the left side of the box as the passes are made.


Often the incremental number (and subsequently the number of files in the browse window) does not reach that of the total files number.


So my question:

Is this by design?

What does it mean?

Am I missing files when I restore by snapshot and this happens?




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Thanks for the clarification. Here is what is happening:


The number on the right side of the snapshot is the total number of files AND folders in the snapshot. I think it is most accurate to refer to the number on the right as "total Items" in the snapshot. The list on the left is the total number of files only. Hence the mismatch you are seeing.


Folders are not backed up as physical items in Retrospect. Rather the directory tree is stored as an image in the snapshot. On restore Retrospect recreates the tree based on the information stored in the snapshot.


As far as the matching goes. When building the browse list, Retrospect has to find files from multiple backup sessions, multiple backup members and multiple volumes. The matching just takes all that into account.


Hope that helps.



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