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Windows 6.5 Slow Client 2 node SOHO CDR


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I have the Windows Retrospect Pro 6.5.336, Drivers 4.5.101, on an 1GB Athlon 1800 WinXP PRO SP1 (computer named JANE) fully updated


Client 6.5.132 on a 512K Celeron 1800 WinXP Home (Computer named ANANDA) fully updated.


Fast ethernet, 100mb, through Microsoft router. 4 computers total. The two not involved in the backup are generating no network traffic. Client property shows connection speed at 285K Bytes/sec.


Backup to Lite-On LTR-522246S Revision 6S0F. Local backup speed is 230+MB.


All unnecessary tasks have been suppressed on both machines (Jane and Ananda) with msconfig and a fresh boot.


Backup through the client is an agonizing 20 mb or less. I haven't yet tested backing up over the network without the client, because I don't get all the data. But I'm about to test that. Using Retrospect to Duplicate folder contents across the network from hard disk to hard disk works at high speed (300-600MB/min).


What can I do? What client backup speed should I expect?

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This message was moved here from the Networks and Clients forum where I originally posted it. I'm hoping this moves it to the top of the list and someone responds.


I did search the archives with combinations of slow client cdr cdrw and found nothing, though I can't believe I'm the first one with this question.


I tried to do a backup by sharing my client's (computer named Ananda) C: root (not a good practice), and addressing it simply as a network volume. It was even slower at about 16MB/minute instead of the 19MB throughput I got using the client software.


I was expecting 200+MB throughput, close to the speed of backing up my backup computer.

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It is not unusual for filesharing and Web access to work perfectly when the client is slow. I would Reinstall your network card and try the backup again. This will sort out the problem in most cases. If the problems persist try physically uninstalling and reinstalling the NIC or try antother network card.


At this point it is not clear which network card could be the problem so try a reinstall on both.


BTW Retrospect uses standard TCP/IP on port 497 to communicate with clients.



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Thanks for your reply. The problem is no doubt the very slow client. An HP Pavilion 512C 1800MHz Celeron. My earlier reported 300-600MB/min transfer rate for a duplicate across the network was to a different, faster, machine. I uninstalled Retrospect on my normal backup machine and installed it locally on the HP 512C for a local backup to its local Mitsumi CR-48X9TE CD/RW. I spent many hours backing up 16.2GB at 26.5MB copy and 85.6MB compare.


I then duplicated about 4GB onto the slower machine at 75.2MB/min. Pretty slow. I think the Retrospect software compression processing was a major facter. Also my log shows hundreds of errors similar to this:


MapError: unknown Windows error 1,314

TPCFile : : SetShortName: USetFileShortName failed, \\ANANDA\Backups\Software\SunValley_Screen_Saver.exe, winerr 1314, error -1001


I don't know what this error means, I'm not going to worry about it now, this was merely a test.


To summarize for the benefit of others.


Between these machines, a Disk to Disk duplicate runs about 50-100MB/min


A Local Backup on the slow client (not running as a client) is 26.5MB/min


Between a faster backup computer and using Retrospect Client on the slow machine, the speed was about 19MB/min


Using a faster backup computer and accessing the slower computer as a shared network drive the backup speed as about 16MB/min.

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After I created the Disaster Recover image I did another test. I copied the ~700MB *.iso file from the client to the backup computer. It took 45 minutes. I then uninstalled the Network card on the client (In device manager, right click it, select properties and then uninstall, or something close to that), then I rebooted, which reinstalled the NIC. It is a fast easy process.


The copy time for the same file dropped from 45 minutes to 6 minutes. Thanks Natew for the suggestion.

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