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Retrospect 5 won't launch if screen saver active

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The folks in our graphic arts area use Mac OS 9.x systems currently. They found that when they left the systems unattended in the evening, someone tended to mess with them. We suspect perhaps cleaning crews, security guards, or the like. For that reason we installed the Eclipse screen saver, which provided a decent locking mechanism and prevented the problem of the machines being tinkered with when the artists left for the day.


When we implemented Retrospect, it would refuse to launch if the screen saver was active. Somewhere on the web I found an unsupported patch to Retrospect that allowed it to run when the screen saver was active.


Now that we've installed Retrospect 5, we're having the same old problem again. Retrospect refuses to run when the screen saver is active.


I can't eliminate the screen saver for security reasons, and I also can't dump Retrospect because I need backups. It's also not reasonable to ask the staff to sit there for hours running backups when they are here being paid to work.


Does anyone have a solution for this problem? Surely others of you must be using Retrospect and screen savers together successfully.


Thanks, in advance.

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Just leave Retrospect open in the background and it should run at the schedule time.




Have you contacted the makers of the screensaver to see if they have an update that allows programs to launch in the background?




Mac OS X offers a security model that will lock down the computer and allow Retrospect to still run.

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