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Client License code became invalid?

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Running Workgroup v5.1.175 on PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver) running MacOS X 10.2.8 (the good version).

Backing up to Ecrix (now Exabyte) VXA tape library. Clients are all running latest version of client software, and include 2xOS9.2, 3xOS10.2.6-8, 1xWin2K. Everything was running great until...


Installed latest updater (to 5.1.175 from previous version). Worked great for about 1 week (I think - I'm not completely clear which day I installed the updater), then refuses to back up anything. Backup Server scans the network and wants to back up everything ASAP, but can't seem to do it.


In troubleshooting the problem, I opened a network client (first tab opened without a problem). When I clicked on the "Configure" tab, I got the following error message. "Sorry, can't log in backup client XXX (client name). An additional client license code is required in the License Manager....


I went to the license manager. I have two client licenses: one code for two users (looked OK) and one for ten users (this one said "0" in front, instead of "10"). I am backing up nine users. I attempted to delete and re-enter the code, and it tells me the code is invalid. The 10-user license is a v5.0 license, but it has been working up to this point.


My boss is breathing down my neck to get this fixed asap! Please Help!!



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I don't think your 5.0 client licences are compatible with Retrospect 5.1. I would give Dantz Customer Service a call to verify this.


Were you using a trial version of Retrospect 5.1 at any time? That could explain why your clients were working initially.




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