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Help With Snapshots


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Somethign I am trying to figure out here...


If I do a full backup of my C drive I take a snapshot and assume I can restore the entire drive using it if needed.


However, right now I am also doing a snapshot on drive C when I do a selected files backup using a selector. This only backs up certain files, yet the snapshot still snapshots the C drive.


What I am wondering is, if if the snapshot I take when NOT backing up all the files can be used to restore thee drive fully like the one when I do every file on the drive?


I would assume it couldn't because it only backs up selected files in that backup set.


Can someone clear this up for me? If it can't be used, I will disable the snapshot on the selected files backup.


Thanks for the help.



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By default the Snapshot of the startup disk includes the Registry and NTFS permissions for folders, even if you are only backing up a limited amount of data from that disk.


If you choose to exclude key system files from the backup (like the Windows directory) then a complete system restore will not be possible. If the files are excluded from backup, they can't be restored.

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