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Help With Duplicates Needed


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I did a Duplicate of my C drive (using selectors.. certain files).




Then, I did another... and it said "Deleting subfolder", deleted all the contents of the subfolder, then re-did the duplicate of ALL files from scratch. According to the help file in correspinding mode it leaves files "untouched". Well, it deleted the entire subfolder... nothing was untouched!




I tried it set to "Replace Entire Volume" and then did it again set to "Replace Corresponding Files." In both cases, the execution scanned my C Drive, then scanned the folder on the D Drive I wanted to duplicate to.




However, then it just deletes the entire contents of the D Destination dirve folder. I would figure since it scanned both, it would be able to only copy over chamnged or new files (like it does with backup sets) which is what I am trying to do with duplicate.




Am I missing the boat here,l or does this just not work this way, and it ALWAYS deletes the entire destination folder?




Help is greatly appreciated.




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