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Automated Backup Crashes During Snapshot


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After scheduling my first scripted backup today, while I was out, when I came home I found my computer frozen.. the Informations creen was opoen and the green line was at half and the status was Building Snapshot.. and that seems to be where it has been for many hours just stuck in there....


I also noticed my external drive was in Spin down mode which it is scheduled to do after an hour.


Can someone shed some light on what may have caused this crash?


I am going to assign another while I am here and watch.




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I did another backup.


It crashed in the middle of file compare... When it crashes with Retrocpect, it just seems that nothing works.. No errors etc...


So I have had crashes twice now.. once while in snapshot mode another time while comparing.


Any ideas on what can be causing this? I have done other backups while I am here and no problem.


The things I think may be issues are:


1) The backup draive set to spin down after an hour ( I am changing to 3).


2) Problem with using compression?


Anyone else have this issue where i just seems to freeze or know what possibly can be causing it?


Thanks very much.



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I am having the same problem with my server! You described it exactly. It would back up the files as it should, then during the SnapShot, the system would do a hard crash and reset with NO ERRORS! Just a huge 1.31 GB memory dump that I cannot read because of the file size. My setup is as follows:


Retrospect Single Server Edition ver 6.0.206

MS Windows 2000 Server Small Business Edition

Exchange 2000

2 Maxtor 20GB HD's on a RAID1 (Mirror) Array

2 Maxtor 120 GB HD's on the other RAID1 Array

Promise Fastrak100 RAID Controller (Embedded)

MB-3792 Single Board Computer mfg'd by iEi

Seagate Tapestor Travan USB 2.0

1.31GB Memory

Dual PIII Celeron 833Mhz




- TechBob


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Does this happen when you try to backup a single folder as a subvolume?

There are a couple of stages to building the snapshot. One is backing up filesystem permissions on the disks another is backing up the registry. Can you tell when the crash is actually happening?


Where is the catalog file stored?


Make sure you have the latest drivers for your RAID card.




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MikeRadio and TechBob,


Are you guys using Norton Antivirus? It has a feature called "auto protect" that MAY cause problems with Retrospect. As an experiment, you can try disabling this feature.


I'm working this issue myself, but it will take me some more time to accumulate enough evidence to draw any conclusions. So, I'm quite interested in your problem.

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