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6.0 Log file not updating to current day

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I have Retrospect 6.0 on a NT4 Server.


Issue: Report.utx (the current log file) is not being updated to the last scripts ran the night before or up to 3 days ago. However, when in the software I can see the most current scripts that have ran from the "logs" button.


Where is that button pulling its data from? Why is my log not being updated for up to 3 days?

Is there a registry hack to make it update the file every 6hours, etc.?


Result: I assume the scripts/backups didnt run for 3 days and my Boss is VERY MAD, but when I go to the software it show the "so called" log file up to date and the scripts ran successfully.... Im at a loss

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Are you using the retroeventhandler.bat script? That is one way to get notification.


If this is a home grown script you might be better off pulling the information from the operations_log.utx file.


Reports watcher is a feature that exports the backup report to HTML. You might find that useful too.



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