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-206 on dvd+r, but media verifies after...

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I am getting a -206 media error on the last 4 backup sets. Media error comes after about 10-20 sessions and when dvd has used 2.6 to 3.2 gig. After the error, the media seems to be “tagged” as bad, and can no longer be used. If I do a verify of the media, there is no indication of any file problems, on all 4 of the rejected dvds.


(gives following for all 4 media)

+ Executing Verify at 10/31/2003 11:05

To Backup Set DataBackup Set E [001]...

10/31/2003 11:19:03: Execution completed successfully

Remaining: 5 files, 256 KB

Completed: 19396 files, 2.7 GB

Performance: 196.8 MB/minute

Duration: 00:13:56 (00:00:01 idle/loading/preparing)


I am using Retro 6.5.336, win2k latest sp, backup up to Sony DRU510a ide, using ASPI 4.71.2, 4.5.101 RDU, dma enabled. I am writing to Verbatim dvd+r. DRU510a is master with DVD-rom slave on second ide channel. Cpu is pIII 800mhz.




-Am I ok to assume that files on the -206 disks are ok if verify likes them?

-Does Retro mark dvd after receiving a -206 error, because media show status “content damaged” under configure devices immediately after insert? Or does it mark the catalogue?

-Do you recommend I give up on this spindle of DVD’s or should I try something that’s not intuitive like enabling NT pass through?

-since the verify works, would deleting and rebuilding the catalogue allow continued use of the dvd?






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Verify compares the data in the catalog file against the data that is stored on your backup media. You are relatively safe with these disks but I would start another set if possible. Disks that are flaky during backup can be a nightmare during restore.


Trying another brand of disk is a good idea. Taiyou Yuden wins my vote as they are probably the only media still made in Japan. I have yet to have a coaster with them. Bad news is they are hard to come by.




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