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Frequent 102 and 205 errors

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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping that you can help me solve a problem that has been ongoing for some time now. I am using a Lacie AIT3 drive connected to my G4 (MD) server running (initially) OS X 10.2.3. I'm using an Atto UL3S PCI SCSI card (1.64 firmware and (initially) Retrospect 5.0. I am backing up the server volume, a Lacie external Firewire drive and four Mac clients. The problem is that frequently, but not every night, I will get either a 102 or 205 error. Our Atto supplier suggested installing the Retrospect 5.1 upgrade and updating to 10.2.6 but this has not solved the problem.


Has anyone else had similar problems?




Greg Mills

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You have the 2.x atto SCSI drivers and the Retrospect SCSI update right? If so doublecheck your cabling and termination. OSX is REALLY picky when it comes to SCSI communication.


If you can, try another cable and terminator. I've talked to people with brand new cables that wouldn't work. After changing it to another new one everything was fine.



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