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TCP/IP & VERY slow Retro Client


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On Win2K Server - Retro Single server 6.0




When I use Retrospect Client with Retrospect on my server, it works with ping: 5.8s (it must be less than 0.2s) and speed: 30ko/s doh.gif.

I have installed retrospect for test on an other computer (XP Pro) ping: 0.0s speed: 11000 ko/s for the same client!! mango.gif

In the two case i use the same switch on the same LAN.

Why on my server (TCP/IP works well, i can see and write file quickly) the connection is so slow? What can affect my server network configuration?


Any idea ?






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There are a lot of factors but the most likely one is network drivers. Update the NIC drivers on the server or reinstall them if you can.


This kind of thing is not uncommon - file sharing will work great but the client is slow. Reinstalling the nic usually helps with this



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