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confused new user with questions


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Hello! I've been looking through this forum, and the Knowledge Base, but I'm still confused. Recently bought RP 6.5, for workgroup of 3 PC's and 1 Mac OS X. Two of the PC's are Windows XP, the other is Windows 98. I set up scripts to back up the PC's, normal backup, each night. (Haven't dealt with the Mac yet, it's a notebook often not on the network) The backup computer is running XP. The Win98 machine was getting backed up every night, no error messages. The other XP machine backed up the first night fine (through the script), then I got a "-1017, insufficient permissions" every morning after that. I tried everything I could find. The Launcher service is running. The log on tab for the service has "Local System Account". In the Security tab of the Preferences, I CANNOT get it to accept the log on information--I'm supposed to have it use the "Log on as this user" button instead of the "Local System"--correct? I've tried every possible variation that could possibly work. The only other difference I can think of is that, when I defined the volumes for the scripts for the XP machine, instead of going through the "Backup Clients Container" I used "My Network Places" (I just hadn't figured it all out yet), whereas for the 98 machine I used the "Backup Clients". So, last night I updated to 6.5.336 and Driver Update 4.5. (I have to comment that neither the installer nor the instructions for installing were easy to find). I updated instead of reinstalling Retrospect, and did the Driver Update first. OK. This morning, nothing had run, and there were no messages, but as soon as I started Retrospect, the scripts starting running on their own.


So, in RP 6.5.336 with Driver 4.5,

What is the correct setting for the Launcher Service Log On Tab?

What is the correct setting for the Security Tab in Preferences? I didn't create a special Backup user because I'm using my own, administrator priveleged, account. Is that OK?

Was is OK to update the driver before the program update?

Was it a bad idea to just update instead of reinstalling?

Would it have made a difference that I used "My Network Places" instead of "Backup Clients Container" to locate and define the voumes on the XP machine?

Is there a problem with XP Permissions and Retrospect? There seems to be a problem with XP Permissions and everything else--Win 98 and Mac OS X, for example. (The machine I'm having trouble with is a new installation of XP, it's given me fits the whole way with permissions)

Is there anything else I did wrong that someone can identify for me?


Please excuse the very long post and multiple questions, but I'll be very grateful for any help.

Thank you!





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First off do not manually change the Launcher service. The modifications you made are most likely why Retrospect isnt running.


The only way to get full backups of all your computers is to do so using the Retrospect client. You can backup via my network places but you will not get Registry information.


Try the security setting like this:

Log on to: Local backup computer name

Name: Administrator

Password: password


Once that is working all you need to do is configure the autologin for each network volume from the cofigure->volumes menu in Retrospect.





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Thank you Nate--was finally able to get it to accept the security information in Preferences. Hadn't thought of just using the built-in Administrator account. The Backup finally runs as scheduled. This is not an easy program to understand.


Incidentally, I never did change any settings for the Launcher Service--I only checked them because it seemed to be important according to several posts here.


Two more questions--one computer tells me it hasn't been backed up since Oct. 10, but it has. Why does this happen?


And, I get an error saying the date/time are different. Is that something to worry about?


Thank you for your help!


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