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Client File Size Problem


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I have a G4 running Retrospect Backup 5.0.238. I have two problem PC's, one Win2K and one XP both running client 6.0.110.


When backing up a subfolder on the XP machine, the retrospect software scans the directory and determines the files to be backed up total 239.0 GB. XP reports the folder contains 1.3 GB, a considerable difference. On the Win2K machine, I have the same problem but not to the same extreme. The scan reports approximately 15 GB to back-up and the OS reports the directory contains about 2.2 GB of data. Since the server only has about 200 GB of storage, the XP backup fails. The Win2K backup however, does run. Looking at the error log, there were a handful of files each reporting a size of 3.0 GB each that were not backed up. The report indicated that 2.2 GB of data had been successfully copied. I checked the client drive and Win2K reported each of the files in the error report were about 15-16 Kb, not 3 GB.


I did successfully back up a temp folder containing a handful of text files on the XP machine. The back-up system seems to work correctly. The problem seems to stem from file size interpretation.


I searched the posts here and found a hint that Chkdsk or Scandisk may clear up the problem by fixing irregularities between the disk and OS cache. I performed scans and found no errors.


Can anyone shed some light on this problem? Possible cures? Troubleshooting strategies?


My searches for topics in the forum for problems concerning file size returned nothing. I hope I'm not asking a question that's been covered before. Of so, just point me to the thread.





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