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What it is waiting for??

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I'm trying to use proactive backup however there is often large delays between backing up clients sometimes up to 20 minutes where it is just sitting there rotating through Polling/Checking Media/Checking Source. There are plenty of clients sitting there ready to backup, what's it waiting for? It's wasting my precious backup time!

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I just updated to 6.5.336. Last night my proacative backup only packed up 4 client. It normally backs up 100+ clients in that time frame.


I am running dual 733 P3s. I run 4 proactive backup sets. Things just seem to come to a halt now. During the proactive backups the processors are pegged at 100%.


It was a processor hog before but the procative backups never slowed down to 4 clients a night.

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Ok, I'll provide some detailed information instead of just spouting off, in hopes that I will get a reply. I'm just VERY frustrated with Proactive Backup, I'll probably have to go back to manual scripts again as I did in v5.6 & v6.0...



Long delays between executions, sometimes as long as 45 minutes.



Additional Details:

It's not just waiting for It's Next Backup time, the Source status shows ASAP. These type of delays do not occur with manual scripts. If I sit and watch the Proactive tab of the Activity Monitor it seems to poll sources who's backup time isn't even up yet. Also, it seems to check the media quite often even when there has been no change. Each of those burn quite a bit of time when you have many sources and multiple backup sets. I've tried adjusting the polling options for each of the scripts but it seems to make no difference.


Here is a log example of the delay:


Normal backup using Desktop Execution at 10/29/2003 4:16 AM (Execution unit 3)

To Backup Set Desktop Set C...


10/29/2003 4:16:00 AM: Copying Drive C (C:) on USER1

10/29/2003 4:16:00 AM: Connected to USER1

10/29/2003 4:28:00 AM: Snapshot stored, 4,743 KB

10/29/2003 4:28:08 AM: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 3 files, 772.3 MB

Performance: 111.9 MB/minute

Duration: 00:12:02 (00:02:32 idle/loading/preparing)


Normal backup using Desktop Execution at 10/29/2003 5:03 AM (Execution unit 3)

To Backup Set Desktop Set C...


10/29/2003 5:03:33 AM: Copying Drive C (C:) on USER2

10/29/2003 5:03:33 AM: Connected to USER2

10/29/2003 5:21:13 AM: Snapshot stored, 2,902 KB

10/29/2003 5:21:19 AM: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 2 files, 14.8 MB

Performance: 58.9 MB/minute

Duration: 00:17:43 (00:02:11 idle/loading/preparing)




Windows Server 2003

Retrospect Multi Server v6.5.336

Compaq DL380 Dual 866Mhz w/1GB RAM

Compaq SSL2020 w/Dual AIT2 19 Slot Autoloader

HP Surestore 418 Single DLT 4000 8 Slot Autoloader



Backup Sets:

12 total backup sets, 3 sets are used for each week. Of the three for each week one is for my desktop clients and the other two are for each execution unit of the AIT for my server backups.


So to illustrate my sets are named:

Desktop Set A, Server Set A(1), Server Set A(2)

Desktop Set B, Server Set B(1), Server Set B(2)

Desktop Set C, Server Set C(1), Server Set C(2)

Desktop Set D, Server Set D(1), Server Set D(2)


Each of server sets are bound to a drive of the AIT2, and the desktop sets are bound to the DLT. So I have 3 simultaneous executions running



Source Groups:

Desktops - 30 windows clients (v6.5.132), 3 mac clients (v5.1.109) plus one network/shared volume.

Servers 1 - 15 network/shared volumes, plus 3 subvolumes from a mac client (v5.1.109).

Servers 2 - 22 network/shared volumes



Proactive Scripts:


Desktop Execution - Sources: Desktops. Destinations: Desktop Set A, Desktop Set B, Desktop Set C, Desktop Set D. Selecting: Documents

Server Execution 1 - Sources: Servers 1. Destinations: Server Set A(1), Server Set B(1), Server Set C(1), Server Set D(1). Selecting: All Files

Server Execution 2 - Sources: Servers 2. Destinations: Server Set A(2), Server Set B(2), Server Set C(2), Server Set D(2). Selecting: All Files



If anyone needs additional information, please let me know.





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Thanks for all of the details - it helps a lot.


Have you tried turing off the "allow early backup" option? Maybe that will keep it from polling so much.


Does this happen if you are using 1 proactive script and 2 other regular scripts? Or does the problem only show up when you have multiple proactive scripts going?





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Happy to provide the details, I've had a number of years in TS and QA so I understand...




Yup, tried turning that option off. I haven't run a proactive and two regular scripts, but I have run just one proactive script and the issues still occurs.




I set my two server scripts to "skip" till a date far in the future (instead of just deleting them). Then I removed all the sources from the server scripts to keep them from populating the sources list in the proactive backup activity monitor, then I just let my desktop script run.




Once again I've returned to basic backup scripts and all is well, as soon as a backup ends the next one starts immediately. If you have any more recommendations for proactive backup I'd be happy to try...









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I haven't seen this one before...

Here are some things to try:


-Try using individual backup sources rather than a source group

-Try deleting your proactive backup scripts and creating a new one

-Try a complete set of new preferences (less than Ideal I know)


For the latter two you can make a copy of your original preference files and drop them back in as needed. The 2 files you will need to copy are:

C:\documents and settings\all users\application data (hidden)\Retrospect\config65.dat and config65.bak






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I changed to individual backup sources and that seems to have fixed it, however I also changed boxes as well. I moved it over to a single processor Compaq DL320 G2 2.26Ghz 650MB, so maybe that has something to do with it? I've seen stranger things....


Anyways all seems to be well for the moment. If I have moment I'll try individual sources on the old box and use disk backup sets as the tape drives have been moved over and let you know if it fixed it there as well...


Thanks again,



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