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Adaptec 29160N and APS AIT SDX-300C

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Beige G3 Server.


When running MacOS 9.1, Retrospect 5.0.238 with 3.6.106 driver it sees and can use the Adaptec 29160N and APS AIT tape drive just fine.


When running MacOS X 10.2.8, Retrospect 5.0.238 and 3.6.106 driver is doesn't see the Adaptec 29160N card at all (whether the APS AIT tape drive is connected or not). I have installed the Adaptec29106x.dmg (version 1.2.0) driver as well.


I would really like to get this to work with OS X. Using OS 9, Retrospect gives an error that it has run out of memory when trying to backup our email server (I am guessing Retrospect cannot handle backing up 400,000 files under OS 9).


My Beige G3 Server has 512MB RAM. I am hoping OS X and Retrospect won't have the memory issues.

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Just got off the phone with Apple.


system profiler sees the Adaptec card, and it also sees the Sony SDX-300C.


So, it is only Retrospect that doesn't see anything (including the internal JAZ drive).


So, is this a bug in Retrospect 5.0.238 and Driver 3.6.106?

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