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"-45 file locked" has persued me through several versions and major revisions of Retrospect for the Mac (currently 5.1, Mac OSX 10.2.8).


This error manifests when trying to update an existing catalog file (backup set) with a subsequent backup. It manifests after opening the backup set catalog file, then streaming through a quarter of a million files to update the catalog. Only after this 20 minute wait does Retrospect cease and desist further operation, logging the -45 error.


The backup set file itself is not locked in the Mac OS, and there is no unlocking tool in Dantz software. Manifestly, this is a deficiency in the retrospect code of long standing despite my regular payments for updates.


Some restrospect error codes seem to be explained in the Dantz literature and others not. "-45 file locked" is unexplained by Dantz and Dantz wants $60 to provide the meaning of their own error code. I've never faced this situation before. My experience has been that if a software company wants my money for an unresolved error this desperately they simply don't provide an error code. Having an error code leads me to the false assumption that its interpretation should be freely available for the asking. However, it does not seem to be (from Dantz at any rate), and in this respect, Dantz seems to be a leader in the field.


Since I don't have $60 or a clue, the only way around the problem currently is to start a new catalog each time I do a backup to removable media. This uses a lot of removable media, so if someone can address this question and this post is not deleted by Dantz because (god forbid) I may sound a little dissatisfied, I would be interested to hear.


With thanks,



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