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Moving Retrospect to another OS on the same system


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Is it necessary to discard previous catalogs and backup sets when moving Retrospect to another OS on the same same system? Both OS are Win 2000?


In this case, the definition of which files belong to the System State would change when Retrospect gets installed in another OS on the same system, n'est-ce pas?

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natew said:

Hi Howard


You don't have to get rid of old catalogs but you backup sets will grow significantly after the first backup. Can you clarify what your concerns are?






Moving everything from an OS on drive G to another OS on drive J changes the definition of the System State. I would not trust Retrospect to distinguish between the two sets of System State files.


Easiest thing to do is to keep the stuff in the OS on G until I get a chance to recreate the backup sets in the OS on J by running Recycle backup, but I'll change backup set names too.

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Actually, since I'm just moving Retrospect from one OS to another on the same system, I guess al lI need to do is install Retrospect in the new OS and copy ove the config*.dat files.

That way I'd still be using the same scripts and catalogs and backup sets.


Then I woul run a Recycle backup on each backup set, so that should take care of the System State.

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