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NEC 1300A Auto Config Problems

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I have been using Retrospect since it first came out on the Mac (1991?). Anyway, I now run 6.5.336/RDU 4.5.101 on WinXP. I have recently installed a NEC 1300A DVD +-R/RW drive and can not get it to configure. I talked w/ Dantz tech support yesterday and told them that I have tried CD-R (worked) DVD-RW (failed), and DVD+R (failed). Tech support suggested that I try DVD+RW and that should work no problem. Guess what? - it failed too. Anyone have any ideas other that to wait for drive certification?





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ASPI has been installed previous to this problem.

I have two IDE hard drives, a DVD ROM, and a DVD writer.

My current work around is to back up to disk (4.4 GB max member size) and then use Nero to burn to a +RW DVD. So far so good.

BTW: Nero was installed AFTER I started having problems with the configurator.

Hopefully Dantz will have a driver update out soon. Any other suggestions would be much apprciated.





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If you have had ASPI from the start we may want to try it the other way around - using NT passthrough instead. to do this type ctrl + ALT + P +P at any window in Retrospect. In the preferences window that is displayed click on the "execution" heading and enable NT passthrough.



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FYI, I have a NEC ND-1300A in a new emachines T2865, and Retrospect Professional 6.5 did a great job of automatically configuring it. It wrote a DVD-R drive Custom Configuration Test Disk. I then did a full backup to a different piece of DVD-R media, and then an 'incremental' backup to the same piece of media. I also did a restore, which worked fine. I didn't need to do any special configuration or twiddling at all.


I'm very impressed at how Retrospect did this custom configuration. It even prompted me to enter a different type of media. I'm going to try this, when I get some DVD-RW media.



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