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Automated script will not backup files


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I am using Retrospect Express and I have a script setup to automatically start and backup several network folders on our Windows network. I have the script set to go off at noon so that I can monitor it and work out the bugs. At noon the program opens and the backup fails to happen with the error message that I have insufficient permissions on the folder that I want to back up, Yet if I start the script manually as soon as the program closes it performs the backup perfectly.


Please Help


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Jees...Doesn't anyone reply...this one's a real oldie...

I've been looking through these posts and a lot remain unanswered.

Are people giving up and going to the knowledge base or something?

If there is a better place to look for solutions I'd like to know because I soon may have some questions of my own.

Hey Amy you wanna' answer this one.

Thanks Muchly

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