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Restart backup after network failure


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I'm just finding my way around the product. Currently I'm backing up full system Win98SE to a network drive, disk backup, about 10Gb. Initally I had a problem with the backup failing 102 error - trouble communicating. Switching off ZoneAlarm seems to have sorted that out.


However, it raises another question. After re-establishing the network connection I assumed that I would I would just be able to re-start the backup. It looks as if I could have done, but a prompt requested me to add another disk to the Backup Set. I didn't want to do this for the sake of tidiness, so I deleted the backup set and start from scratch.


Is there a way to force a restart such that it continues to work with the original disk?

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Are you using a file backup set or a disk backup set?

"Disk" is really best for Windows 98 - none of those messy size limitations.


If you are using disk already, try rebuilding the catalog file. That may give you access to the data already on the disk.



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