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Multiple media types with one DVD drive?


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Hi folks... forgive me if I ended up posting in the wrong place. I'm new here...


I recently started doing backups with Retrospect, using a TDK drive with supports DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, CD-RW, etc. etc. etc. In the process of getting everything set up, I configured the drive once for each of these media types.


Recently I went to do my first incremental backup. When I inserted the requested disk from the initial backup, I was told it was incompatible. What I eventually figured out boiled down to this:


I configured the drive for DVD+RW and backed up machine A onto DVD+RW

I configured the drive for DVD-R and backed up machine B onto DVD-R

I then tried to do the incremental backup of A, and it didn't recognize the DVD+RW I put into the drive. However, when I reconfigured the drive for DVD+RW, all was well.


Please don't tell me the drive can only be configured for one media type at once... that would make it pretty much impractical to ever use multiple media types. Getting the drive configured in the first place was as much work as doing the backups. It also seems silly to waste a write-once disk each time I want to start a backup to a write-once medium because I need to reconfigure the drive.


Thoughts? Hopefully I'm just being an idiot and missed something obvious.


Thanks in advance...



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You need to configure your drive for all media types at the same time - a drag I know but that is how it is for now.


i.e. if you plan to use DVDR DVDRW CDR CDRW media you have to configure each of them in the same driver configuration session.



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