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can't create local FTP backup set


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My system: Mac OSX 10.2, Retrospect 5.1


I'm trying to create an FTP backup set (see discussion ) on an external

firewire drive on the local machine. I expect the backup to be

about 8GB, to start with, which is why i want to create it locally and not

remotely. If you wonder "why use ftp?" it's because then I will move

the firewire drive to an offsite location for safety, and continue to make

incremental backups to it.


When I create the ftp Backup set, it looks like everything's ok. I use as the server name, and ftp service is enabled. I use /Volumes/Externaldrivename (the external firewire drive) as the directory. The drive has 240GB free, so there's no problem with free space. The permissions are 777 in that directory. Retrospect creates a document there called "Backup Set A", about 120kbytes, and then stops with this error. So clearly Retrospect has enough privileges to connect and at least create the initial document.


I don't see how it could be bad privileges, bad name, or a full disk. What is the problem?



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Just to clarify further - Retrospect creates a catalog file in my home documents directory, and it also creates a folder on the external firewire drive containing the backup set. This folder is called "Backup Set A" and contains one zero-byte document called "0-data".


So, Retrospect has connectivity and sufficient permissions to create the backup set data, but then it still complains with the error (see above). I changed the folder permissions of "Backup Set A" to 777 and it still failed.

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