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error -556 (backup client: network interface unavailable)


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Alright, new problem. I set my backup to do a recycle on Wednesday night, and Thursday night, and I am greeted with a brand new error message.


Can't access backup client ENG, error -556 (backup client: network interface unavailable)

When I try and check the client properties and look at tools or volumes I get the same error.

This has occurred on several desktop computers running Win2000 Pro, and several servers running 2000 server. The retrospect machine is using XP.


I can't figure out for the life of me what has changed between Tuesday and today. Perhaps an automatic windows update is to blame? I have reinstalled retrospect client on some of the offending machines but to no avail. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this or have more detail in how this error is caused?




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I moved my Retrospect 7 Multiserver to a new XP machine and on my next set of scripted night time backups a large number of clients, both PC and Mac, reported error -556.

By trial and error I discovered that to fix these clients I need to "Add" them to my client database. I do not need to "forget" them out of the database, just adding them seems to do the trick.

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