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The Server is running Win2K Retrospect 6.5 and the Client is a SUN 450. I deleted all the scripts associated with that client and rebooted the Server when it was not in use and the error cleared.


I had lots of strange problems when the Server was running WinXP. The Serve box is the following:


Supermicro XD5A8, Dual 2.4 GHz Xeons, 4 GB RAM. Onboard Ultra320 with 7 Hot Swap 73 GB HD's, 29320 PCIX with 7 73 GB HD's and a Sony DDS4 tape drive, Matrox G550.


The Server would hang now and then so I spaced my backups over a 12 hr period. One morning last week when I came in Retrospect had hung. I rebooted and was prompted for the serial number, when I restarted it as if this was a first install. At this point I loaded Win2K.


I'm backing up Linux, Windows, and Solaris. On the Linux boxes the client shuts down by itself which I have not figured out why. I put a cron job in to check that it is running just prior to backup and this seems to be working so far.




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