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Windows Updates = Loss of scripts and program key?


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Apparently over the weekend, Windows updated automatically updated the Windows 2000 Server that Retrospect 6.5 Multi-Server was running on.


As a result, Retrospect lost it's activation key (I had to reenter it), all its scripts, and clients.


I'm rebuilding all the backup sets as I write this, but what's the cause of this?


Also, where does Retrospect store its script files so in the future I might be able to just back them up. Otherwise, there's nothing on the server I want/need.


Thanks in advance,



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If the files are valid Retrospect should use them by default. Were you logged in as administrator when you originally installed Retrospect? I wonder if the Windows updates made the Retrospect preferences directory "off limits" or something.


I would do a full uninstall of Retrospect and reboot the machine. I would also save the 2 config files somewhere and delete the entire Retrospect folder after the uninstall. Once you reinstall Retrospect you can move them back in.



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