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Linux Client Max Directory Depth ?


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We have just set up a new Linux Mandrake 9.1 server and are trying to backup our files using retrospect 5.1 on a MAC 9.1 Backup machine connecting to a Retrospect Linux client.


On many occasions, a backup will faile with error code -24261 (mapid database corrupt)


This appears to happen with the directory depth is 10 or more levels deep.


Is there anyway to increase this limit ?






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Hmmm. As I understand, MDK is Redhat with some extras added on. And Retrospect does work with this one exception. All is fine until we exceed level 10 in the directory nesting structure. If I mount the volume on the MAC desktop and run the backup from that mounted volume, there are no problems but the backup is slower than death over Appletalk. The limit seems to be within the Retrospect Linux client and not with Linux itself as I can create very deep structures on the Linux volume without any trouble. I can access those structures from the MAC worstations and PC based workstations without any problems. I will increase the Mem allocated to Retrospect to see if that helps any. We do not use VM on the MAC's.




Thanks for any insight.







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