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Multiple NICs on Backup Server


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I am running 6.5Professional on a Win98 Backup Server. There is one NIC to an ADSL modem and another to the network.


The Backup Server cannot see any clients on the Network because it appears to be multicasting to the ADSL modem. Using "TEST" finds the clients, but that does not get the clients configured.


Disabling the NIC on the ADSL modem allows the client to be seen and configured, BUT because the client computers all use DHCP, when I re-enable the ADSL NIC I later lose the clients when they change TCP address.


Surely there should be a configuration option to force the multicasting through the correct NIC? If there is, I cannot find it. Even a Registry edit would be preferable to nothing.


My ADSL NIC (by necessity) is DHCP and the network NIC (also by necessity) is a fixed address.


If someone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.



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Multicast can be tricky and even more so in windows 98. The OS decides which NIC will respond to multicast - usually this is set to the default adapter.


Is swapping the NICs a possibility? Not actually moving the cards but just swapping the cables? If not you may have to actually uninstall and reinstall the Nics in different slots to get the OS to route multicast differently.


Retrospect is fully compatible with DHCP clients so that is not part of this problem. i.e. the IP address can change and the client will still be seen in Retrospect.



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Hi Nate,


Many thanks; I re-configured the two NICs to swap their roles, swapped the connections and now it works fine! I think Dantz should add a small section to the manual as there are lots of people running Broadband ethernet modems like this and presumably this will happen to someone else.


Again, many thanks,


Dave mango.gif



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