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error 1115

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I use Retrospect Single Server 6.0 (one server and 10 clients on a 100Mb/s Ethernet network). All machines (server and clients!) are running Win2000 SP 4 with NTFS file system. The backup device is a Dell NAS Filer (essentially 4 HDs, each 120 GB = 480 GB hard drive space). I am getting "error 1115 (disk full)", but if I check the NAS device I have approx. 280 GB free. The Catalog file is NOT stored on the NAS device (on the server instead), but the relevant partition has loads of free space. What is going on here? Does anybody have an idea? Thank you!


Here is a log exerpt (from a client):

- 02.10.2003 17:00:10: Copying $[*!20612,,14,+3]Win2000 (C:)$[3] on IORPC12$[4]

$[*20750] File "$[1]C:\WINNT\Profiles\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr0.dat$[2]": can't read security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)

$[*20750] File "$[1]C:\WINNT\Profiles\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr1.dat$[2]": can't read security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)

$[*20750] Can't initialize Snapshot file, error -1115 (disk full)

02.10.2003 17:18:15: Execution incomplete

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