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how to set up an 8GB backup over ftp in my lifetime


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I have two Macs (A and B) in two broadband-equipped homes. I'd like to

use each Mac as an offsite backup for the other. Both are OSX 10.2.8

with external Maxtor 250GB firewire drives and Retrospect Express 5.0.238.


I'm currently backing up Mac A to the local firewire drive. Its archive file

is now 8GB. Mac B is running an ftp server and has a spare 250GB

firewire drive.


If I run Retrospect on Mac A, and save the backups to the drive on Mac B,

it looks like the first complete backup will take about 2 weeks, if it even

completes at all. I have to admit, that seems very scary to me.


1) Can I take my current 8GB backup on Mac A and move it (via sneakernet)

to Mac B, and spare myself the 2 week initial backup? I guess I'm wondering,

is the file format identical?


2) Should I worry about an upper limit (32k segments? what is that in bytes?)

on ftp archive size?


3) If I need to restore Mac A from disaster, can I bring the archive back by

sneakernet and restore from the external firewire drive, or does the restore

have to be over ftp too?


4) Are there any important speed/reliability/capacity differences I should

be aware of, between

Mac A backup over internet to Mac B using Retrospect Express 5.0.238/Mac,

versus using Retrospect Client on Mac A and Retrospect Desktop on Mac B?

I'm willing to configure either way, just want to know if one way is

wicked faster or way more reliable.


many thanks,




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As long as you are using FTP backup sets for the local and remote backups your Idea to get around the slow initial backup should work.


If it were me I think I would get 2 external hard drives and just do a rotation scheme via sneaker net as you mentioned. It is abit more laborious but given the speed issues it may be a better option



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Thanks. The two locations are 200 miles apart, so sneakernet is not practical for daily backups.


Can you tell me if the FTP backup set is a different file format from a normal File backup set?

Will I be able to run incremental FTP backups on top of a normal File backup set?



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All of the backup sets in Retrospect are unique and cannot be mixed together. If you want to use Internet backup you have to start with an Internet backup set.


I'm not sure how well this will work but try creating an internet backup set and type in the login and IP information for the local machine. That should let you do an internet backup to the machine itself. Once that is done you can haul the data to your other site and update the IP and login info.


Not sure it will work but it is worth a try...



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