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human error - help?

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hi all,


I have two firewire drives hooked up to my Mac Server. I was preparing one of the drives to be a backup set, which, essentially 'initializes' the drive.


uggggh...to my total dismay, I selected the wrong drive, and followed through with the "are you sure you want to do this?" warning messages without double checking myself.


I didn't realize what i had done until i saw the access light blinking on the 'wrong' hard drive, and i stopped the execution about 15 seconds after it started.


This was on a 120 gig hard drive, which had about 60 or 70 gigs of valuable information on it.


Now, I DO REALIZE that i'm the stupid one here. However, does anyone have any suggestions of how to possibly recover the data that is on there?


I have tried using Norton's Unerase feature of Norton Utilities, but no luck. I am just hoping that there might be some way to salvage some of the data since i stopped the initialization procedure so quickly, but I'm not sure if I should get my hopes up.


any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.


rich atkinson

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