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Activation code?

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We are using Retrospect Multi Server Edition running on a Windows 2000 server machine. Recently we reinstalled one of our client machines that was running Mac OS 9.2.2 before with Mac OS X 10.2.8 and the current Retrospect client for Mac OS X. The machine name is the same as before.


Of course the client entry in the Retrospect server software doesn't work anymore ('...not found...'), so I 'forgot' that client entry and tried to 'add' this reinstalled client as a new client. After clicking the 'add' button the list of all found clients is shown. This reinstalled machine is shown in this list grayed out. After doubleclicking on the name, Retrospect asks for a activation code . I had no idea what to type in, so I tried the installation code for the Retrospect Multi Server Edition. It accepts this code, asks to confirm the client machine name and then shows the error message Invalid activation code. confused.gif


I checked the 'license' window. On top the 'Multi Server Edition' is shown with the installation code. Under the client headline there are three lines: Two three packs of 4.1 clients with a different installation code shown on each line and a line saying 'unlimited clients' without installation code.


I have unlimited clients. Why can't I add this machine? Any ideas?


Thank you,

Florian Pürner

KOPFteam GmbH

München, Germany

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Esentially what is happeining is Retrospect is seeing your old activator codes and trying to use them. They are too old of course so you are getting the error.


Retrospect 6.5 multi server includes unlimited client licenses so you need to delete all of the old activator codes that are listed there. Make sure that you are using the newest version of the Retrospect client for Mac as well.


Once thats done you should be set






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