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T-182: (0xc80003f3) The computer is out of memory

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Retrospect 6.5 with exchange agent 1.3

when copying a storage group the following error is reported


T-182: (0xc80003f3) T- The computer is out of memory.

Trouble reading files, errror -1004 (Database Backup/Restore Error)


Q. Which device might be low on memory - the exchange server with 1GB of RAM (ram is

maxed out) or the retrospect 'server' with 654 MB of RAM? Or is the cause something


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Dantz really does not ship the 1.3 Exchange Agent any longer, now that Retrospect 6.5 has integrated Exchange server backup features, which are much more stable and easier to use.


I would recommend downloading a 6.5 Server trial so you can see if you get the same error with the integrated exchange features. If 6.5 does report an error, it should be more detailed. I would also expect much better speed with 6.5 direct backups.

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How big is the exchange database?

Are you using multiple executions when this happens?

What type of backup device is this?

Are you doing a local backup or backup of an exchange server via the client?


If you have not restarted the backup computer, please do so.

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