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DVD-RAM issues


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Has anyone had any luck with replies from retrospect support using their e-mail, I live in Australia so phonecalls are annoying because of time diffrences as there international support number is in the USA, I have e-mailed twice in the last 3 months once about 3 days ago and have had no response,

It is in relation the issues that I have been having with Retrospect 6.X and Panasonic combo Drives when attempting ot use DVD-RAM disk. After having problem on 3 different machines/Drives with windows XP pro I can pretty much state as far as I can see the SW-9571/LF-D621 combo drives are incompatable with DVD-RAM disks they almost always come up as device unrecognised, I know it isn't a hardware issue as the first machine I had it on was dual boot with Win2k and I had no problems there. (and untwisting cables changing master/slave using ASPI or not make no difference)

So can they please confirm this is the case and put on their website rather than saying it fully compatible with Windows, Oh yeah it is fine with Windows 98

There are even a couple of threads here where I have aske in here for advice to no avail.

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PacificRim Support out of Japan (english and Japan support) is found at:




+81 0263-39-1343




Make sure you are creating a disk backup set and not a CD backup set when using the DVD-RAM media.




If our CD driver is causing a conflict, you can ignore the drive under Configure>Devices>Environment. You can still use the disk backup set with the drive "ignored".

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