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THe backups do not start unless logged in?


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Hello all!




The problem I am experiencing is that when the server was rebooted several days ago for updates the backups did not automatically run. When I logged in yesterday the retrospect engine shoed the last backup was the night before the reboot and then began running the backup. The version I am running is 6.5 Server. Is this normal? Is there way to run the back if nobody is logged on in the console?




Additionally when I use Configure->Preferences->Security and select the option


"Always run retropect as the specified user" and type in the account for use it echos back to me "The provided login information is invalid".




Any help would be appreciated!





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Retrospect does require log-in with admin rights. "Run-as" never worked for me - on hardened machine, I'm disabling the Server service, as in No-Such-Agency guidelines.


Is there any way to avoid admin login? I'm locking the machine when run, and switching off the monitor, but it's anyway a temptation for the bypassing user just to see the manager name or "administrator" in the login field...

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