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Location of script files


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I have been using Retrospect 5.x for some time & now want to reinstall on a new computer( better processor/memory etc). I have an extensive (long & complicated) backup script on the old computer( still available). How can I transfer them to the new computer? It appears that a -------.BPS file has the data, but merely transferring it does not do the job.

REALLY don't want to enter the data again!!! Your GUI method is cool for a few entries, but a regular text file would be MUCH easier to enter & modify for long lists.


W Cook

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On the mac All of your scripts and prefs are in a file called retro.config. it is in your retrospect preference folder.


On windows the file name varies a bit depending on your version but it is configxx.dat and configxx.dat. They are in your retrospect folder in program files.


Just install retrospect on your new machine and drop these files in to the proper location. You will be all set



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