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Can't restore from file backup set with 200,000+ files

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I'm attempting to restore a single file from a file backup set made by Retrospect 5.1 running on Mac OS 9. The backup file is on an external firewire hard drive. The backup set contains over 200,000 files (as shown by Configure backup sets) and has backed up the same Mac OS X 10.2.6 PowerBook multiple times over the last month. I am restoring this one file form the large backup set to the same external hard drive (which is not attached to the system originally backed up).


However, when I attempt to restore I get a message about how the backup set is not ready and I need to select sources (did that). Reslecting the source does not help. I am not able to view and mark any files in the backup set, and thus cannot restore. Opening the icon for Macintosh HD (the disk originally backed up) in the "Files Chosen" dialog does not show any fiels at all! Any ideas? At this point it appears that Retrospect is completely non-functional, and wil not restore any files. Replies cc'd to me at elharo@metalab.unc.edu are appreciated.

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When you look at this backup set in the finder are there 2 parts:

backup set name and backup set name.cat?


If so try moving the .cat file to another disk and running a catalog rebuild.


If the .cat file is not there go to the backup set properties and tell retrospect to separate the catalog. Then do a catalog rebuild.


You could also try a backup set transfer to move the data out of this set into another one.



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