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backup to ftp : absolute IP versus localhost


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As I find the backup data format (blocks of 16M) generated by the retrospect 5.X ftp backup mode more versatile than the unique file data format of the file backup mode, I am doing backups on a MacOS X Server to itself over ftp to an attached firewire hard disk drive for the hole network (server and 4 clients). As I found the performance of doing ftp backup to itself not as fast, as doing ftp backups to an second computer on the same network, I thought it would increase performance and provide network independicy by changing the absolute IP address of the server in the retrospect internet setting from to the localhost IP Now the behavior of retrospect is somewhat strange:


Using the absolute IP address retrospect does work perfect. Whereas using the localhost IP retrospect does show the internet settings as correct, media check for readiness is also confirming ok and also the backup set's folder is created on the external drive by running the retrospect script. Also the first data block or segment of the backup data set (0-data) is created, but it is void and retrospect stops by showing the following error in the log;


[Device trouble: "Wochen_Set01", error 225 (FTP: no write privileges, bad name, or disk full)]


Privileges are ok as the creation of the backup set's containing folder and of the first data block shows (privileges are 775 to the backup user as entered in the retrospect internet settings). Also is on the firewire hard disk plenty of free space left. Also the "bad name" can not be the source of the problem, as login by an ftp client and also using retrospect with the absolute IP address is ok with the same user/pwd.


My question is, what other possibility could cause the problem or is retrospect really not working with the local host IP


Many thanks for any hint.




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