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Moved all files to new volume. How to tell Retrospect?

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I have had to move 40GB of files to a new volume.


These files were backed up daily (if modified) using Retrospect Desktop 4.3.


How can I tell Retrospect that the files on the new volume are in fact the same files it was backing up before, without having to have it back up everything from scratch.


I gave the new volume the same name as the old one, and renamed the old volume but Retrospect is still pointing to the old volume?





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All Retrospect can do is compare the files on your disk and the files in the backup set. If they differ in any way the files get backed up.


The new volume is not the problem. Retrospect doesn't care which disk they are on. The only thing that matters is that the files on the disk match exactly the files in the backup set. When you copied your files to the new disk they may have changed slightly -modify date, creation date etc. That is enough for Retrospect to want to back them up again.


To get retrospect to forget about the old disk go to the configure-> volumes menu and "forget" the old volume. Unfortunately you are going to have to backup whatever retrospect detects has changed- thay may be all of the files.



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