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Anything new on removable firewire harddisks?

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I just ordered a dual 2 GHz G5 to act as a server for our lab and intend to run Retrospect 5.x on it for backups of about a dozen G4s. I still want to use large firewire disk drives as removable media for backups. I asked about this a few months ago and was told it didn't work; has anything changed?


Right now I divide up our dozen G4s to backup onto 4 120GB firewire drives with file backups. I worry about huge files (both catalog and data files). I don't understand why it's so difficult to have an option that says "treat this FireWire disk as removable media'. Will Dantz's new association with Maxtor facilitate this?


I'm open to any suggestions. My situation is:

12 G4 Macs with 40-300 GB diskspace each.

each user generates up to several hundred MB of data/day

incremental backups are run every night

Currently, I have 1 backup set for each user and have them divided across 4 120GB drives. When they get full I'll buy more disks and divide them up further. WHen a single users's backup set fills up a 120GB disk, I don't know what I'll do.




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Unfortunately it still won't work. OSX doesn't recognize the disk as removeable media and neither will Retrospect. This sort of worked in OS9 but it was a great way to lose all of your data- Retrospect isn't designed to handle hard disks this way.


Once a disk gets full you will have to either recycle the set or start a new one on another disk.


Hopefully someday Dantz will include a Disk backup feature like they have on Windows. That may be a while though.





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