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Sorry for this very newbie like question.


Here is what I want to do.


Back up any new or changed item found today to a file backup set every night.


The backup set I have, the schedule is set, it's the file selector that is getting me.


how should my selector be configured to pick up every new or changed item today?


I have it currently set to:


Include files matching

file or folder create date = today

or matching

file or folder modify date = today


and exclude nothing



This does not appear to back up many items which have definitley been created and/or modified 'today', obviously I'm somewhat worried about this.


any advice appreciated.

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By default Retrospect backs up only new and changed files. You do not need to set up a selector for this- Just use the built in "all files" selector and you will be all set.


Here is how it works :

Retrospect starts the backup by scanning the source drive. Then it compares the files in that scan to the files that are already in your backup set. If it finds anything new or changed it copies only those files.



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