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DVD-R error 206

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I have 2 Pioneer DVD-R 105 that I have been using for 2 months thru Retrospect 5.1. We are running Mac OS 9.2.2. I upgraded to Retrospect 5.1 to use DVD's. It was working fine until I tried to pickup some files. It will pickup most of the files, but not all of them. I called tech support and with the upgrade I was only covered for 30 days from the purchase date which has expired.


The problem is I get execution errors when I try to pickup some of the files. More specifically error 206, bad media, bad drive, etc.... The drives are brand new and I tried different types of media. Plus it records fine using Toast.


We purchased 3 copies of Retrospect for our long term archiving to work with the DVDs. We have had great success with the DLT and DAT tapes with Retropsect. I am surprised to see so many problems with the DVDs.


If anyone can help with a solution I would greatly appreciate it.


Steve Miley

Network Administrator

Graphic Art Service, Inc.


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