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Can't login to OSX Client over airport


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Backup computer G4 iMAC running Retrospect 5.1.167 in either OS9 or OSX 10.2.6

Client 1 - iBOOK G3 running Client 5.1.157 (when in OS9) or 5.1.109 (when in OSX), linked by airport.


I have successfully backed up over airport when client 1 is in OS9. But no success when it is in OSX - though the outcome differs depending whether Backup is running Retrospect in OS9 or OSX


The problem seems to be with the iBOOK client. In OS9 its identity is "name of Client iBOOK TCP/IP 5.1.157 plus the backup history'. This seems correct.

In OSX its identity is [name of Home Directory] [no TCP/IP] 5.1.109 and it says "waiting for first access". I have no idea how/why it chose the Home Directory rather than the computer name, or why it does not show TCP/IP (Appletalk is active).


When I try to connect when both Backup and Client are in OSX I get "No backup clients found". But if Backup is in OS9, clicking "Network" finds "[name of Home Directory] ....not logged in". If I click LOG IN I get error message "Can't log in, error -1028 (client is not visible on network)" I can't change client name to iBOOK without logging in. I have tried reinstalling client with no success. My other licence is already used by Client 2 (no problems - it is OS9 only)


Can I resove by deleting a preferences pane (which?) and reinstalling Client again? it does not seem a network problem.

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