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Backup set format inconsistency

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I have been backing up successfully for months now without having to restore.

today i tried to restore from an older session and i get the following error.


"Backup set format inconsistency..."


I have seen many posts for this with the answer that its bad.


basically, please tell me what I can do "Repair" the tape or catalog?


ATTO Dual Channel Card

Dual G4 450


Sony AIT


So far, I have only had 3 successfull restores out of many!

Isn't Retrospect "supposed" to be the best backup utility out there for the Mac?

I need to restore this file before my client arrives in the morning!


Needless to say, I'm a bit frustrated with Retrospect.

THings seemd to work better on OS9.


THank you,


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The simple answer is the tools/ repair/recreate catalog but it is going to take a while. How old are these tapes? Where is the catalog stored? Does saving it on another disk help?




Agreed, all things SCSI were easier in the good old days tongue.gif





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The tapes are about a year old.

the catalog is on the boot drive, and backs up a raid


Do I risk anything by recreating the catalog?



Everytime I think I should Rebuild, the "There is already a known backup set named...

would you like to rebuild a new catalog anywa, forgetting the existing one?


This scares the crap out of me!


What if something goes wrong in the rebuild? Am I totally screwed?


Thanks again!




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A little background info might help here.


A backup set has 2 main parts the data (on your tapes) and the catalog (a list of what has been backed up on the tapes). Some times the catalog and the data get out of sync. By rebuilding the catalog you tell Retrospect to read all of the data on each tape and make a new list. When you do this you over write the old catalog - hence the warning message from Retrospect about the "known set".


In other words go ahead and try it. You can make an extra copy of your existing catalog beforehand if you like.



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