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backing up a linux appleshare volume to a macintosh os X machine


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I have a client that is using an OS X workstation to back up a network appletalk volume that is attached to a Linux Server. The server is running version 7.2 of the RedHat flavor of linux, and the mac workstation is using mac OS 10.2.6. they just started having seeing this problem and insist nothing has changed on the workstation,server or network.

The problem is, when they mount the appletalk volume on the workstation and perform a back up, retrospect seem to be putting some of the files into the wrong folders. That is to say on the server they backup folder named xyz containing file pdq, then view the catalog set and find file pdq in folder jkl.

Has anyone else had this problem and/or does anyone have any suggestions to fix the problem?

I have reloaded the macintosh workstation completely, and any suggestions would be welcome.



Robert Smith

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