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Missed databases...


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I have created a "Windows 2k Server" folder in the Volumes Database; the folder

contains W2K server clients. I can see the SQL databases when I expand the

"SQL Server" treeview under the machine running the SQL server.


So far, so good...


I just noticed(unfortunately too late), that two new SQL databases created after the

installation of the SQL agent were not backed up!!!


So, what's the correct procedure to get the SQL agent to automagically detect /

backup new databases ?




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Sorry to bring an old thread back to life, but I was wondering if you discovered any more details on this? I've got the same problem. Version 6.5.336, and when we add new databases or remove databases from the SQL client, Retrospect doesn't see them.




- Al


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This can actually happen with all client volumes not just databases. I'm not sure if it is by design or oversight. When you add a new database or drive to a client you need to go to that client, look at the volumes and make sure the new database is highlighted. It is a pain but Retrospect won't see the new database otherwise.



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