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AutoLoader Support in Mac Retrospect 5.0

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Hi there,


I would appreciate any advice on how to configure an autoloader in RetroSpect 5. for Mac OS-X on an XServe.

The hardware all looks fine from the OS level, and we are able to manually load a tape into the autoloader and run a nice fast backup. But trying to automate the process seems difficult, even in unattended mode - the Retrospect always prompts for "Please load media into drive".

The ATTO UL3s SCSI card has been used in the XServe, and the autoloader is a Quantum ValueLoader VS80. All components are certified by Dantz, and all updated/latest drivers for the OS, ATTO card and Retrospect 5.0 have been installed.

Try as we might, it seems the automation is not working. We don't seem to have any facilities to manipulate the autoloader either. Retrospect sees the autoloader and all its 8 slots OK, but there seems to be no menu or button to manipulate the autoloader itself.

If anyone could offer some advice on configuration, that would be appreciated.


Also, I'd be keen to find out if we need to upgrade to Retrospect 5.1, and also what is the "enhanced tape library support" which is supposed to be part of 5.1.

By the way, this autoloader is one of the new wave of Multi-LUN units, whereby one SCSI Id is allocated to the library, and the drive itself is a sub-LUN of this same SCSI Id.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks Scott M.



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This sounds like a SCSI ID problem. First make sure the loader is running in Native mode - not emulating another loader. Then try some different ID combinations. What firmware version are you using for the loader?


The enhanced tape support is for windows only at the moment.



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