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-43 error is blowing my mind

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I am trying to back up a G4 Powerbook networked to a G4 Desktop with retrospect 5.0.238. Both computers are running OS X 10.2.6. I read the suggestions posted on the forum but they don't seem to apply to my situation.


There is a Fire Wire hard drive externally connected to the G4 desktop, and this is where I'm storing the backup file. The process and starts normally but at about 45000 files into the process the following error message appears. Error: Scanning incomplete, error -43 ( file/folder not found).


The help function suggests using utility said to search for files or folders that are not directly in indexed on the hard drive. I have done this with several different software bundles but to no effect.


There are no problems when I backed up the G4 desktop to the external FireWire drive.


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